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Middleware Upgrade

Keep Your IBM Middleware Up-to-Date

A strategy and platform for your API economy
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Find out about:  

  • How we deal with the change in integrations 
  • Integrations between microservices 
  • Fundamental architecture & application change 
  • Delivering faster – what does it mean 
  • Transition in new environments 
  • Ideal state  
  • How to deal with traditional concerns 
  • Importance of supporting real time scenarios 
  • Common pitfalls at organisations moving to modern integrations 


A strategy and platform for your API economy

Whether you are one of the leading international financial institutions, a telco, or any other type of business thinking about their B2B and B2C presence? In any of these cases, you are most probably looking into ways to build your API economy approach.


We willhelp you elaborate your API strategy, build the API management platform, and bring the solution to a production-readystate. Wewillalso take care of managing the platform for you, so you can take care of your business. 


Find out more about us and our projects, and let us know if you’d like to have a chat and find out what steps your company should take to have the most benefit.  


About Us

CROZ is technology-driven IT consultancy focused on cloud-native development, agile and DevOps, hybrid integrations and data engineering. We help organizations work smarter - not harder. Your can benefit from more than 200 talented and motivated software engineers, architects, consultants and coaches, testers, analysts and infrastructure experts based in Zagreb, Rijeka, Amsterdam, Belgrade and Austin, Texas. Our mission is to provide superb and professional IT solutions to enterprise customers and consistently surpass our clients demand and expectations. We have been IBM Business Partner for more then a decade. CROZ is your reliable partner for solving challenges in integration, modernization, team organization and in development of new systems. And it makes it a great opportunity for us to show how trustworthy and loyal partner we are.


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