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          The power of events and gatherings

          We don’t know about you, but conferences and meetings help us recharge our batteries, gain new perspectives, and return to work with renewed energy and inspiration. These are just a few examples of how we can continue to improve and excel in our field by attending and hosting events!

          GOTO Amsterdam

          Our contributors Ivan Krnić and Krešimir Musa talked about how to handle onboarding and offboarding activities and how to give new employees a good start. Yes, they shared 8 touch points in the developer journey that will be helpful in future projects.

          Check out their presentation here


          One of the biggest events in the AI and data world invited our Damir Kopljar to talk about how machine learning helps at IT. And the answer is – to a great extent! Another topic presented on DSC Europe conference was ‘’Govern Your Event Stream’’ presented by Ivan Dundović, who talked about how we combined our data governance and streaming experience into a solution that brings governance to streaming.

          CroAI meetup

          We had the opportunity to organize a CroAI meeting to answer a key question: How can you successfully sell artificial intelligence and not get killed in the process? The point was to figure out how to identify market needs and use them to develop and place products in an environment where implementing high technology is still considered risky.

          Oslo Business Forum

          They are known for empowering leaders to change the world, so our management attended this largest leadership conference in Norway. And, of course, to familiarise themselves with relevant knowledge in the field of people management.


          Over 70 experienced developers attended the first Trailblazers meeting we held in December! The main goal was to create a community where seniors can easily find the best solutions for their daily work, and what better way than sharing knowledge and experience?

          DevOps Enterprise Summit Europe

          A well-known conference for the leaders from complex organizations implementing DevOps invited Ivan Krnić and Krešimir Musa to talk about managing the flow of value in service organizations. A rich look at concepts such as work visibility, flow, good prioritization, and continuous improvement made this talk worth remembering.