Welcome to the place where you can contribute and co-create lovely stories for the ones in need – throughout the year.

Given that the 15th edition of our QED conference will be held in 2023, we decided to represent NGOs through keywords that marked the previous conferences. Words such as creativity, innovation and sustainability have various meanings, so we gave them a chance to expand by telling stories from twelve wonderful NGOs.


We are acquainted with the work and generosity of these NGOs  since our team spend many hours working with them. Yes, we had the opportunity to create an Altruist app that would make their work easier so they could focus on their clients instead of bureaucracy and paperwork.


It was lovely creating and implementing something so important for people who spend so much time helping others. Each of these generous associations will be thankful for your help!

Twelve months – twelve opportunities to do a good deed.
Get to know associations and volunteers, donate and help others.
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