Inclusive Farm

Amazing place where people with developmental disabilities participate in various workshops for the cultivation of vegetables and aromatic herbs. 

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Jelene Babić 18, 44250 Petrinja






Inkluzivna farma – donation


A high-quality team of occupational and sensory therapists, psychotherapists, and volunteers make Inclusive farm an amazing place for socialization where the most important thing is including marginalized groups.



This lovely farm story began once they saw the specific need required by our young users who, after turning 21, leave the school system and are left without any daily activities or further socialization. Support comes from the innovation and determination around all the activities that provide something new.


What is an experiment when working with our users? The volunteers say it’s embarking on something unknown to them without any expectations.

Our doors are open to everyone who want to get their hands dirty by processing vegetables or fruit trees, but also helping our users in their work. At the end of the day, their smiles will tell you everything!

More about Inclusive Farm

Inclusive Farm is an independent and non-profit organization, but most importantly it’s an amazing place where people with developmental disabilities can participate in various workshops and training programs for the cultivation, processing, and preparation of vegetables and aromatic herbs. All thanks to food processing workshops in the premises of Mala Kuća in Petrinja as part of the household workshop. The association has a high-quality and professional team of occupational and sensory therapists, psychotherapists, and a network of registered volunteers who make it a great place. Click here and get to know them!

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