NGO Hummingbirds 

Founded on the initiative of parents of vitally endangered children to ensure and improve basic living conditions. 

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NGO Hummingbirds – donation


They enjoy learning from the Hummingbirds – kids knowing how to live with a smile and get the best out of every day. Volunteers will not give up learning, because when you love someone, you try to understand them to help them.


Value hides in growing by supporting and helping others – because it brings out the best in a person. Selflessly caring for others and being a tireless creator of a better world is both support and value.


Values are internal incentives that motivate us to act, get out of our comfort zone and take risks. It also means love, respect, trust, support, building relationships, knowledge, change for the better, encouragement, and the decision to always be on the side of good.   

If you want to create a better world and help vitally endangered childrenfeel free to donate! They are often neglected or invisible in society and we want to fight that. Let’s ensure a quality and dignified life for them together! 

More about Hummingbirds 

Hummingbird’s intention is to sensitize the public to the specific problems of those children and of course – to help them understand that Hummingbirds are kids who can, with the help of their parents, break down obstacles and hang out, go to school and vacation trips. The NGO is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that gathers around 70 members who give hope to these children. One of their tasks is organizing charity events and other humanitarian activities to collect the funds necessary for aid, medicines and treatments costs. Click here and get to know them!

Twelve months – twelve opportunities to do a good deed.
Get to know associations and volunteers, donate and help others.
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