Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADRA is a voluntary, non-profit and non-governmental humanitarian organization that was founded to help society and individuals regardless of ethnic, political, or religious beliefs.

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Prilaz Gjure Deželića 77
Zagreb, Hrvatska






ADRA – donation


We gather people of good will, companies and other institutions to implement humanitarian activities under the slogan: “From the people, with the people, for the people“. 


The world is changing all the time, and we have to adapt. It’s our responsibility to learn and optimize the way people work so we can support and include the most vulnerable people in the modern world. 


We managed to create a good flow thanks to CROZ when it was the most needed – while helping people who suffered from the earthquake in 2020. We were struggling with managing and processing information, but CROZ automated the process so people could get our help in time. That’s flow.

If you believe in empowering people who need help – feel free to join our mission and create the flow that will always help those in need.

More about ADRA

ADRA is a global humanitarian organization that provides support to individuals in more than 118 countries around the world by raising material, health, spiritual and cultural standards for people. They help victims and advocates for the overall development of individuals and the community. Click here and get to know them!

Twelve months – twelve opportunities to do a good deed.
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