Society for Research and Support

Caring about the well-being of the community, especially children and young people with fewer opportunities.

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Society for Research and Support


Every volunteer enters our world with a big heart to improve the lives of citizens and promote a healthy lifestyle, humanity and solidarity.


Sometimes volunteers aren’t sure how to work or what will happen if they make a mistake. That’s why we’re here to tell them that making a mistake is the only way to learn and do better next time. 

Intelligent failure

We experienced various work troubles, but we didn’t give up! We changed our approach and pushed beyond the limits to achieve our goal. From every mistake, we have learned something new and that’s intelligent failure 

You can help us in many ways by donating or being a sponsor, volunteering at programs, a professional practice, or other forms of learning, and helping solve the challenges faced by the association.

More about Society for Research and Support

The Society for Research and Support (DIP) was founded in 2013 by experts from different fieldsfrom social pedagogues, special education teachers-rehabilitators, teachers, doctors, and sociologists to psychologists, artists, and people who have a lot of love for others. They’re working on the improvement of the lives of citizens, preventing social exclusion, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, humanity, and solidarity, primarily towards groups with not so many opportunities. Click here and get to know them!

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