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Creative visualization workshop

  19.12.2018. - 19.12.2018.
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With just a few colors, forms and little tricks you can astonishingly improve you presentation skills.

Visual Methods | Convincing with simple visual tricks

The ability to visualize is becoming an important skill for many fields in professional work life. Known as Visual Facilitation, Visual Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Scribing or Vizthinking. It refers to the way of documenting and presenting spoken language into pictures and metaphors. This workshop serves as a first step into the exciting world of visualization – on posters, flip-charts as well as normal sized paper.

Your benefit:

  • You reduce barriers in drawing and extend your presentation skills
  • You develop your own personal style of writing and drawing
  • You use visualizations professionally and design your seminars, consultations and presentations more effectively and richer in variation


  • General introduction in creative visualization
  • Typography and handlettering basics
  • Forms, colours and symbols
  • Structure and composition of convincing visualizations
  • How to use the skills in practice


  • Drawing exercises
  • Practical tasks
  • Presentations
  • Personal Feedback

All participants receive a detailed seminar handout, a drawing starter-kit and a certificate of participation. The starter-kit consists of high quality Neuland markers and colored wax crayons. Equipped with that you can start to visualize directly after the workshop!

For the workshop, you don’t need a degree in fine arts or design. With just a few colors, forms and little tricks you can astonishingly improve you presentation skills.

Visualization is fun and can be learned!

Lecturer: Benjamin FelisGraphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator and Diploma in Social Education

A former graffiti artist Benjamin has been active as a moderator in workshops and seminars since 2006. He has longtime experience in moderating and designing workshops with many participants from a wide range of branches and positions. From social democratic projects in schools to international management meetings everywhere his visualization-skills drew the attention of many participants.

For all inquiries regarding education, please contact us at learn@croz.net.

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