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          agile coaching
          Data & Machine Learning

          Introduction to DWH and BI

          DURATION 2 Days
          This course aims to explain the technology, architecture, and methodology of data warehousing development and to define the roles and responsibilities of team members in charge of establishing a business intelligence system.


          The Introduction to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence course offers a comprehensive exploration of the fundamental terms and concepts in data warehousing and business intelligence. Participants will gain valuable insights into the architecture, processes, infrastructure, and technologies that constitute a robust DWH/BI system. Through a well-rounded curriculum comprising presentations, interactive demonstrations and hands-on exercises, attendees will develop a deep understanding of these key topics.


          Whether you are a business analyst seeking a deeper understanding of data-driven insights, a data architect looking to optimize your DWH/BI infrastructure, a database administrator aiming to enhance data management, or a software development engineer engaged in DW/BI implementation, this course offers an invaluable opportunity to expand your expertise and play a pivotal role in developing impactful business intelligence systems.

          By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of data warehouse concepts and different usages of BI applications.


          Target audience

          • Data Scientists and Business Analysts
          • SW and data architects
          • Database administrators
          • Data Engineers and Software development engineers


          • Basic understanding of databases and SQL



          • Introduction to BI
            • Definitions and concepts (BI, DWH, storage methods, all-in-one devices)
          • Business application of BI systems
            • Specifics of business requirements
            • Impact on the organization,
            • Business analytics (measures, metrics, KPIs, dashboards)
          • Architecture and processes
            • Data warehouse components
            • DW architecture
            • DW processes
          • BI infrastructure
            • Processes
            • Technologies and people
          • BI processes
            • Project management
            • Change management
            • Data quality
            • Data governance
            • Data warehouse administration
            • Metadata management
          • BI system development methodology
            • Project phases and activities
            • Roles and responsibilities of team members
          • The most common mistakes and best practices
            • Valuable tips to apply to your own BI system implementation projects

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