We’re presenting 0800-DEVOPS, a quasi bi-weekly newsletter digest of interesting ideas from the world of DevOps, technical practices and increased productivity. Stuff that we discuss internally in CROZ DevOps Team. Stay tuned and we guarantee you will find something of an interest to you. Be part of our team.

0800-DEVOPS #5 Reactive programming, Ansible Vault and interview with Sam Newman, June 2019

0800-DEVOPS #4 Serverless, Circuit Breakers and running database in a container, May 2019

0800-DEVOPS #3 API management. Do you need it? Yes, you do!, April 2019

0800-DEVOPS #2 OK, I want to practice DevOps… now what? :), March 2019

0800-DEVOPS #1 DevOps, U2 and First law of complexity in software development, February 2019

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