Employment in CROZ

We are a company whose business is based on the development of business applications, offering monitoring services and management services, host technology, and the development of tools and methodologies. Our users are leading banks and key government bodies.

The progress of our company is based on the simple idea that if she create a company which has an excellent work environment, then talented individuals will come to us on their own. CROZ’s most important features as an employer are flexible working hours with a work week of 40 hours, smaller teams with neither too many nor too few people, experts from whom a novice can learn various technologies rather quickly and qualitatively, accumulate knowledge and experience using proven methodologies, a dynamic environment with smart young people, informal and comfortable surroundings, and interesting projects.

What is equally as important is that employees are not forced to progress but, rather, they do this on their own. CROZ has a work ethic and mutual respect between individuals that are at a very high level, while innovative ideas, teamwork, active approaches, knowledge and idea sharing, a desire for learning, flexibility and openness are highly valued in our company.

Also provided are good quality equipment, a rich library of professional literature, high quality training for novices, good tools (source control, bug tracking, automatic builds, good specifications, unit testing, functional testing, UML) and spacious, air-conditioned offices with lots of light and which are in a good location.