QED Conference

CROZ has organized the Quality in Enterprise Development (QED) conference from 2007. It was initially imagined as a form of socializing that would inform the participants of the latest findings in project management and software development in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. After the first conference in 2008, we decided on a concept that has remained the recognizable feature of the conference – each year we explore an aspect of quality in what we do with the premise that quality in software development is attainable. The name itself has a double meaning – Quality in Enterprise Development, but also a well-known Latin phase on the demonstration of proof –– “quod erat demonstrandum”.

QED has so far covered numerous aspects of quality – efficiency, social networks in business, agile development, creativity and innovation, etc. Each year, the conference hosts top global and regional speakers who are experts in their respective areas, whereas we try to bring the conference to a new level with each following year. The lectures focus around the topic of the conference, while the quality and dynamic of the program are undoubtedly enhanced by alternative lecture formats that we include every year, such as lightning talks, Open Space sessions, and many others. QED has grown over the years: the first conference gathered about 60 attendants, whereas the last QED boasts over two hundred participants, having become one of the largest IT gatherings in Croatia.

We are happy to announce QED 2019 Conference