CROZ is usually hired to develop solutions based on the requirements of users or various complex integration services. Over the years, we have gained immense experience and embarked on the development of several of our own products. We have been active for years in areas of social and collaboration tools since we believe that the organizational culture is changing, and with it our attitude towards daily business. For that reason, we have developed an indispensable tool for managing innovation – LIKE MY IDEA, and the SENTIMENTER, which is an extremely useful marketing tool.

Document Management becomes a problem in many organizations due to an increase in the volume of business. Reducing the paper form of documents and transferring to the electronic form of business document management has proved to yield significant savings on an annual basis. By reducing the paper form, costs of work are also reduced while increasing the efficiency and speed of business processes. We can offer two solutions in the area of Document, Process, and Records Management – eOffice and cDocs.

CROZ has also developed an application for banks which entirely supports the business processes related to retail loans.

Our experts will help you select the appropriate product, implement it and adapt it to your system, and advise you on improving your own business by using our products.