Business analysis

Business analysis brings a structured approach to implementing and managing changes within an organization. It is used for recognizing and defining the needs for changes in an organization’s method of operation and for achieving easier implementation of these changes.

Business analysts are included in all levels of an organization, from defining strategies and creating the company architecture; they have a leading role in defining the objectives and requirements of projects and take part in the continuous improvement of technology and processes. A business analyst is a link between business users and IT: he has the best understanding of business and business issues in the whole team; he has the best understanding of options offered by IT among the business users, and in this way, he ensures the quality of the provided service.

Business analysis directly affects the success of a project since it reduces the impact of the main factors of failure:

  • It improves the quality of requirements and team communication.
  • It has an impact on the speed and quality of the delivery.
  • It contributes to the satisfaction of the user.
  • It improves change management.

In other words, business analysis influences the quality of the delivered products, as well as the reduction of costs incurred in the production process.

Business analysis