Daily professional life at CROZ is marked by involvement in various interesting and complex projects. By combining knowledge in different areas, we successfully build software solutions that satisfy the business needs of our clients. We are particularly pleased to make such an organic experience available to our clients in the form of consulting services. Apart from the experiences our consultants gain in actual implementation projects, we continuously invest in their education and complete the array of services we are able to offer through various partnerships.

We have recognized several areas in which we have formed our consulting services:

  • Lean and Agile methods of software development and organization management,
  • DevOps,
  • Enterprise architecture,
  • Quality Management (testing, business analysis),
  • Project Management,
  • Security,
  • Data Management (BI, DWH, predictive analytics, Big Data…).

In our consultancy experience so far, we have offered services to a broad spectrum of business systems, in different business domains such as: the financial industry, state and public administration, telecommunications sector, automobile industry, etc.

By offering professional consulting services in any of these areas and business domains, we will help you devise and implement solutions for your unique business needs. During that process, we will do our utmost to be flexible and available while respecting your business and organizational context.