CROZ donated NAPCC in Belgrade

Within the occasion of the New Year’s holiday CROZ donated keyboard pianos to National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer in Belgrade. CROZ team wants to help ill children to provide quality conditions for meetings and workshops organized by NAPCC.

National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer is a non-profit organization which helps children and their families faced with this cruel disease. NAPCC has founded “Parents’ house” in the place called “Bežanijska kosa” in Belgrade, where parents from the inland of Serbia can use the accommodation during the ambulatory treatment of their children in order to spend a minimum time in the hospital and to give the maximum needed attention to their children.

Despite the difficult situation, during our visit in “Parents’ house” you could hear the laughter of children, and you could see the youngster’s amazing strength, positive energy and desire for living. It is our pleasure to contribute and cheer up the children so that they can easily overcome their difficulties with music and songs.