Data management

Data is the oil of the 21st century, and the way you operate with it determines your business results. Our experts know the methodology and concepts of data management and will help you to create a strategy to achieve the business goals based on your specific business needs.

Utilize your data completely, improve your strategy and business processes, create real information!

In the last few years, an old-fashioned BI has become a modern business analytics platform sparked by several reasons: the global economic crisis, requests for processing huge amounts of data (Big Data), and standard IT trends – real-time, mobile, social, cloud.

A significant improvement has been made in terms of real-time management ((Sensor and Data Stream, Internet of Things – IoT). Also, data architecture is significantly different due to polyglot persistence approach (NoSQL, DWH Appliance, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning). Business analytics platform requires modern polyglot architecture that can support: predictive analysis, datamining, Social Analytics, Cognitive analytics and others.

Data management