Dominator FAQ

I am using groupware features on Lotus Domino. Can you migrate mail and calendar?

No, Dominator only supports migration of custom Lotus Notes application. If you want to migrate Lotus Domino mail (or calendar), there are plenty proven solutions around. You may want to google for “lotus notes mail migration”.

What happens with my Lotus Domino Directory after migration?

You can either keep it or migrate to alternatives, e.g. Microsoft ActiveDirectory. Migrated application can be connected to any standard LDAP directory.

How can I modify the application after the migration?

All the changes after the migration shall be made in new Java / JavaScript source code. The migrated code is easy to understand; it is written in the way that experienced developer would do it. Target architecture features Spring Boot-powered backend with MyBatis and Liquibase. Frontend is built from the ground up using React, Redux and Material UI. Original Lotus Script source code should be kept for archive only.

What about data migration?

Migration tool understands structure of data in original NSF and automatically creates relational database model. Data migration is not supported by the migration tool itself. It is responsibility of the customer to make data migration or we can do it for you.

Can I access data in my newly migrated application from external systems?

Sure. Data is kept in standard relational database of your choice, so you can access data by using any standard data access technology.

What infrastructure do I need to run migrated application?

Migrated application requires any standard, commercial or open source Java application server and relational database. You can install it on-premise or you may want to host it in the cloud.

What databases do you support for running migrated application?

Any standard relational database; commercial or open source.

How can I be sure that migrated application is 100% functionally equal to the original Lotus Notes application?

Migration tool understands business logic of Lotus Notes application and preserve the functionality of original application. However, you may want to perform functional testing with migrated application.

Can I expose services in my newly migrated application to other systems?

You can build either your own REST endpoints, connect to MQ or any other way of communicating to other systems in newly migrated application.

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