Aware of the importance of a fast knowledge acquisition and of constant changes in the IT world, we give special attention to education. During the many years of working on development projects we noticed how precisely the possibility of fast new knowledge acquisition and constant education is one of the crucial factors in the success of an IT company. In order to help our clients to elevate the knowledge level so they could more easily keep up with the technological changes, we organized a whole series of our own educational services – from beforehand prepared catalogue courses, through customized workshops to consulting on actual projects. We are extremely proud of our consultants and instructors continuously participating in development projects where they equally continuously acquire new knowledge and experience which they then pass on through courses and consultations.

In our catalogue we have a series of courses concerning technologies and methodologies, which were made by our experts including specialized Java courses which are most commonly held.

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IBM MQ Administration

  09.04.2019. - 09.07.2019.

IBM MQ Administration course module is intended for System Administrators and System-Related Staff. The course is prepared and organized by European Mainframe Academy and it is based on blended learning methodology.

Course duration :  66 Days