IBM Rational Team Concert

The development of technology changes the ways of software development. Cooperation and good communication between all project participants, exploitation of existing components, identification of high-quality forms and theirs’ re-use are just some aspects of software development that are becoming increasingly important for effective creation of a quality product.

Rational Team Concert (RTC) is a tool that provides and supports the best practices of software development. Without the need for the integration of several components, as a single integrated product it supports requirements management, planning, code management and reporting, all with access control to resources according to the roles of team members.

RTC is an extensible platform in multiple dimensions. You can select one of already prepared configuration that will support a particular software development methodology from a range of formal planning to agile practices. Especially in the case of larger organizations, it is worth to invest time in creating custom process that will map the tools possibilities to the specific process of the organization. RTC is also expandable in terms of applicability in small teams and appliance in cases of distributed software development with the participation of a large number of teams, sometimes physically at different remote locations.

RTC is one of the tools from IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management group. Besides RTC, there are Doors Next Generation for specifications management, Rational Design Manager for system models management, Rational Quality Management for software testing. All the tools of CLM Group, on the server side, rely on the Jazz Team Server and support the interconnection of resources. Ultimately, the use of all these tools provides connectivity of resources in all phases of the project life cycle, from system specification through models, change requests, changes in the code to the test script.

During the introduction of Rational Team Concert in the organization it is advisable to consult with experts on how to adapt the tool to the organization and in collaboration with them define a clear strategy of using the tool. That’s a safe way that will maximize the value of the tool. Contact us if you want to find out more. You’ll hear from our experts who participated in the process of introducing the tool and defining the strategy of its usage in large organizations from the US and Western Europe through the Croatia and region, all the way to the Middle East.