Information Systems Security Services

Each day, modern information systems are growing in size and becoming more complex, thus making monitoring of the same and sustainability of satisfactory security level on all parts considerably harder.

Given the fact that the trend of massive increase in security threats and attacks within the IT domain of business is nowadays practically a common thing, it is clear how security maintenance is becoming an ever greater challenge each day. Modern companies have to know how to deal with this challenge, if they want to avoid security failures with major consequences for business as a whole.

Possible consequences of a security failure occurrence and escalation for an organization are as follows:

  • Loss of revenue and loss of business clients
  • Harm done to company’s prestige and reputation
  • Undermining partners’ and clients’ trust
  • Negative media attention
  • Legal disputes with affected business entities

Vulnerability areas within the IT domain:

Client’s vulnerability:
Web browsers
Office software
E-mail clients
Media player

Server vulnerability:
Web applications
Windows, Unix, Mac OS
Backup software
Antivirus software
Business management software

Security policy and employees:
Insufficient user rights and unauthorized devices
Unencrypted PCs and removable media

Application vulnerability:
Instant messaging
Web applications
Peer-to-peer programs

Network infrastructure:
Network kits (hubs, switches, routers..)
Internet connection
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
VoIP servers and telephony