The new era of mainframe education

Mainframe is the past, present and future of IT. More than 70% of the world's data is stored on mainframe computers, which build the foundation of almost all large and complex information systems. But mainframe experts are becoming rarity on the market. CROZ mainframe experts are offering you an opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge using “Blended Learning” methodology.

The Next Generation of Mainframe Education

European Mainframe Academy (EMA) and CROZ have joined forces to develop the next generation of mainframe education. 

The course is based on “Blended Learning” which blends online classes with guidance from experienced coaches and hands-on exercises. Our mainframe experts have successfully completed a series of projects that cover a wide range of services, ranging from simple implementations to complex integration projects done all over Europe and the Middle East. And now they have decided to share their knowledge – a decision which resulted in a partnership with the European Mainframe Academy (EMA).

Mainframe remains alive

Not only it remains alive, mainframe is kicking!

  • Mainframes get smaller
  • Mainframes get more powerful
  • Mainframes support multiple operating systems
  • Mainframes adapt to new IT trends
  • Easier integration

z/OS Connect course

The course is designed for z/OS system programmers, middleware on z/OS system programmers, CICS system programmers, IMS system programmers and developers who want to get deep knowledge about z/OS connect as one of key enablers for API Economy on z/OS platform.

z/OS Connect course

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