Agile Meetup in Osijek

Check out the short report for Agile meetup held in Osijek last Friday.
Published 05.02.2019.

After a series of productive and well-attended meetings in Zagreb, a fast-growing agile community in Croatia has gathered last Friday in Osijek. The initiator of the meetup was Josip Jurišić form Cobe company.

The CROZ Agile Team has helped its colleagues in Osijek to prepare and realize the meetup. The topic of the meeting was related to the jobs and careers of the future, of course from the agile perspective.

Photo: Davor Čengija

Around 40 people attended the gathering, mostly from the local software companies. Great response of the attendees for the first meetup. 🙂

This event is a step forward for agile move in Croatia.  See the official meeting site for details on future topics and locations.

Photo: Davor Čengija