Building the Intranet at SKB Banka

Financial sector

The new platform enables a clear and simple structure of displaying information, comfortable navigation, and an efficient search functionality that enables quick availability of quality information. CROZ approached the tasks in a fast and professional manner and successfully implemented the Liferay solution on the SKB Banka infrastructure in six months.

Tomaž PevcIT, SKB banka d.d., Ljubljana

Published 2015-12-09 07:31:05

SKB Banka recognized the need to enable its employees fast, structured, and simple access to information and decided to build the Intranet that would give a clear overview of all the products the bank offers to end users, while simultaneously serving as a channel and the central spot for information on the news and current activities.

The Liferay portal was selected as a portal solution that meets those and many other requirements. Liferay is an open source portal solution that offers many functionalities apart from its basic functionalities of publishing content. It comes with over 60 built-in portlets that support various functionalities of content management, collaboration, and social activities.

SKB uses the Alfresco system for document storage, so the CROZ team developed an integration of the portlet for searching web content with the Alfresco system, as well as an integration of the Liferay repository with Alfresco. The existing information was migrated onto the new portal. The portal was successfully released into the production environment and quickly adopted by all employees.



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