Implementing Red Hat OpenShift container platform to Erste Group Card Processor

Financial sector

After implementing the OpenShift platform, we have gained enough knowledge and confidence in order to be able to continue independently creating services with all the corresponding resources, building containers and deploying them to OpenShift by using balanced operational procedures.

Igor Sekelj Erste Group Card Processor d.o.o., Head of Business Development

Published 2018-10-24 15:02:44

Erste Group Card Processor d.o.o.’s core business areas include credit card processing, issuing debit, credit and pre-paid cars, taking cards on ATM and POS terminals and e-shopping. But the card industry is now facing great challenges – be it directly or consequently, due to the banking sector – which is why innovation and proactivity are must-have characteristics, and EGCP recognizes that.

After analyzing the idea to establish new architecture and a DevOps process on EGCP infrastructure through the Domain Drive Development concept, EGCP has recruited CROZ – wanting only the best, of course. In the words of Igor Sekelj, Head of Business Development in EGCP, CROZ has helped them most with points concerning the correct identification of possible Single Points of Failure (SPOF), testing and choosing adequate technologies, and has given them a new outlook on optimal authentication/authorizing services solutions.

The OpenShift container platform, which is for the user installed locally, opens the possibility of easily creating applicable environments from development and testing all the way to production. It enables quick application development and all it requires of the programmer is writing the application code – the platform takes care of the rest, from starting testing to setting an application version up in either a testing or a production environment.

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