Microservice architecture in Zagrebačka banka

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We’re becoming aware of the challenges we have to overcome in order to be really successful at implementing microservice architecture and to become a supplier on the market of bank API.

Zlatko HrbudDirector of Information Technology at Zagrebačka banka

Published 2018-10-24 15:10:14

Microservice architecture, cloud-ready applications, PaaS solutions, API economies are becoming increasingly mainstream in software development in large business environments.

The IT sector of Zagrebačka banka is keeping up with the mentioned trends. They were used in designing the new generation of business applications and new internal DevOps practice. A good example of following trends is the development of the new EMAv2 framework in which a lightweight server has been implemented – a prerequisite for microservice technology. It has also been implemented in a part of DevOps Docker as a prerequisite for cloud solutions.
Zagrebačka banka want to provide their clients with a microservice, cloud-ready application programming interface and services that simplify their payments, meaning that each new solution needs to be flawlessly embedded into all existing systems, services, and it must all together be completely stable, precise, safe and reliable.

Microservice architecture leads to the bank’s IT system components being distributed. Maintaining the transaction context in distributed microservice architecture is extremely hard, but the clients will be able to keep up to date with data with a certain time lag, make calls via a service that will pay attention to potential problems like network latency and load balancing, as well as the risk of unsuccessful service calls. This requires the implementation of appropriate design patterns and a high-quality monitoring system.

The bank had to adapt – and is still adapting – to that work model, from the phase of solution design, development, testing and verification, to deploying and surveilling the system in production. In this adjustment process a team of CROZ experts are here to help with their technical skills and knowledge.

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