Development of IT solution for Probation Service of the Ministry of Justice

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We are happy we had an opportunity to participate in such project that enabled ‘’young’’ Probation Service to mutually create together with CROZ employees a very useful and important tool for our work. I believe we are all very happy with the final product of our joint work, and I also believe that we will continue to cooperate in the same spirit.

Dijana ŠimpragaHead of the Probation Sector, Ministry of Justice

Published 2015-12-01 17:17:27

The project of development of IT solution for newly-founded Probation Service, was initiated at end August 2011 as part of the European Union program IPA 2008, and was concluded by 29 March 2012. Probation is a conditional and monitored freedom given to convicted criminals as an alternative to prison sentence.

The task of the Probation Service is to handle procedures with the goal to protect the public and reduce the risk of recidivism through rehabilitation and reintegration of perpetrators into society. The goal of the project was to provide support to the Ministry of Justice in sustainable development of the national Probation Service, in order to reduce the prison population and increase the efficiency of the criminal justice system. The specific purpose of the project was to develop and implement suitable IT support to the probation system, which represents the centralized electronic version of master base and personal records.

The system enables Probation Service officials to record convicts and their cases, and to perform quality real-time monitoring of field work, and harmonization of practices among all offices. The system includes a central repository of document templates, available to all, which ensures that everyone will be using identical templates. The system represents a centralized solution, which is accessed by users through a web-interface.

The officials can use the system for performing their duties more efficiently, office managers can track individual cases in real-time, and the Central Service is enabled easy monitoring and control of probation offices, as well as standardization of reports and tasks. The greatest advantages of the system are simplicity, visibility and the option to move initially input data in one of the templates.

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