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The time necessary for analysis and correction of failures or irregularities in work has been reduced, and with help from CROZ, we are implementing infrastructural projects more easily and with better quality. Our cooperation has proven to be exceptionally useful and important for providing high-level services.

Aleš MiškoHead of IT Infrastructure Service, ZPIZ – Pension and Invalidity Insurance Institute of Slovenia

Published 2015-12-01 16:48:54

Company CROZ participated in maintenance and upgrade of the complex IT system at ZPIZ, Slovenian Pension and Invalidity Insurance Institute of Slovenia. Based on years long experience of maintaining IT systems, the prevention principle for resolving unforeseen errors at work, and improvements based on observed shortcomings was implemented. Apart from maintaining system infrastructure at ZPIZ, CROZ also performs independent tasks and assists administrators.

A system infrastructure must be functional, sized and optimized to make its services always available. One of such services is eZPIZ, portal which offers its users an access to various e-business services. One of the most recently installed solutions in eZPIZ is Nakazila service, which enables pension beneficiaries to have a secure access to data on paid pensions and other benefits either via web-portal or by using their phones, with an integrated IVR system.

eZPIZ service is based on IBM DataPower, which provides security in communication between external users and ZPIZ, and on IBM System z server, which consists of many components (IBM CM, IBM Cognos…). High performance of maintaining such a large number of components is achieved by systematization, precisely organized procedures for each business segment. Procedures relate to preventive maintenance, which can prevent functional failures on time and predict the system’s behavior under certain circumstances.

The goal of standardized management is to achieve preventive operations and greater agility in introducing new infrastructure components and change management. Through joint cooperation, we reduced the time necessary for analysis and correction of failures, and enabled easier and higher quality implementation of infrastructural projects.

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