Development Cycle 2.0 at Iskratel

Telecommunication sector

CROZ is already verified partner for implementation of aforementioned solutions, but also for delivering best practices in implementation of RRC and RQM. We expect from the project to improve our internal processes related to analysis of requirements, and quality control of a final product. We also plan to continue our cooperation in the area of introducing lean way of thinking.

Slobodan JovanovskiProduct Management Director, Iskratel d.o.o.

Published 2015-12-01 17:14:58

This story of a project at Iskratel shows that advanced techniques of gathering requests and quality control are not necessarily tied to pure software development.

Slovenian company Iskratel is one of the leading companies in the world for manufacturing hardware and implementation of complete, integral telecommunications solutions.

Aligning business ideas to the needs of the market, prompt definition of opportunities and products, quality recognition and collection of implementation requests, high quality of delivered products and services are the only way to survive in that business. Projects of implementing IBM Rational Requirements Composer (RRC), an environment for business requirements management and IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM), quality control management tool are the key parts of that initiative.

IBM RRC enables user access in which several analysts can simultaneously work on defining business requirements by using only a web browser. It is necessary to recognize optimal configuration of processes for gathering and analyzing business requirements, improve communication between analysts and development teams, save time on accompanying activities such as writing documentation, while respecting the company’s culture and specifics. On the other hand, RQM is at the very end of the process, and enables a quite simple integration with the existing solution (Remedy), so that, at the end of this project phase, any one particular functionality can be tracked from its inception, through development to the test that verifies the implementation.

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