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Adoption and implementation of new technologies enables us to innovate and to improve our market position. We are among the first companies in the region who really started to use Microservices architecture We strongly believe that with time benefits of this initiative will only grow over time.

Antonijo NikolićDirector of IT

Published 2019-04-16 09:50:49

Iskon Internet is a telecommunication company whose primary goal is to leverage the newest technology trends and create innovative services, products and experiences for their customers. Iskon has always been recognized as modern telecom company focused on providing high quality and technologically advanced products accompanied by best possible Customer support.

Iskon and CROZ have been cooperating on strategic IT projects and initiatives for more than 10 years.

In order to maintain their reputation of an innovative company and to increase market share, Iskon started the project of IT transformation. The project includes improvement of business processes, user provisioning and integration with many external systems which implies that numerous services and integrations. Taking into the consideration the dynamic of changes and adjustments that need to be supported in a long run, CROZ suggested the use of Microservices architecture on OpenShift as a runtime platform.

This architectural approach is becoming a standard in the industry, although the number of Customers who are brave enough to take this step forward is still pretty small. Iskon has once again shown their readiness for innovation and continuous improvement in order to stand out above the competition.

Some goals achieved using this approach are:

  • Speeding up the development and deployment of new applications or new versions of the application
  • Reducing downtime of the applications between deployments
  • Increased application performance
  • Easier development while using different programming languages
  • Flexibility in Java versioning
  • Reducing pressure and workload off operations
  • Consolidated system logs

Services provided by CROZ in cooperation with Iskon are:

  • Microservices consulting, planning and system design
  • Installation and configuration of RedHat OpenShift platform
  • Establishment of DevOps pipeline
  • Microservices development
  • Deployment of Microservices on RedHat OpenShift platform
  • Testing
  • Managed Services (incident and problem management, help desk)

The vast majority of Microservices was implemented using Spring Boot framework which accelerated the development process and increased application standard. By exposing REST APIs we got the flexibility and improved communication between system and development teams. At this moment there are more than 30 Microservices in production.

In order to automate and use existing infrastructure we decided to use Jira + Bitbucket + Bamboo Atlassian stack, of course together with Sonarype Nexus as artifact repository and SonarQube for code analysis.

And now, after more than a year of intensive development we can proudly say that the decision to move towards Microservices architecture alongside with OpenShift platform was great, and timely.

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