Managed Services

Our goal for CROZ Managed Services is to provide the customer the flexibility and agility they require to fulfill their business objectives, while complimenting IT teams and capabilities to provide the maximum value possible.

For the past several years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of firefighting and crisis mitigation as routine changes to systems or applications move through the development lifecycle. This in turn takes away from the time that can be spent on improving or adding needed features and enhancements to both systems and applications.

With this service we strive to create an environment where IT effectively supports the entire organization.

CROZ Managed services concept includes:

Adaptive maintenance

  • Processing of change requests
  • Implementation of improvements
  • Release management

Corrective maintenance

  • Research and root cause analysis
  • IBM PMR tracking
  • Collaboration with development, operations, and business stakeholders

Preventive maintenance

  • Automated monitoring
  • Deployment of updates and upgrades
  • Performance and security testing
  • Manual system surveillance


  • Review of technology trends
  • Software vendor negotiation
  • License review and management
  • Risk analysis and management

Continuous improvement

  • SLA measurement and reporting
  • Service analytics
  • Cost optimization
  • Availability improvement
  • Capacity planning

24/7 support

  • 24/7 available experts
  • SLA based response
  • Prioritization, assignment & tracking of requests
  • Web based ticketing system
  • Every-day administration

CROZ has done a number of successful projects using managed services concept. Contact us by mail and lets talk about how can we help you.