System integrations are not necessarily evil. Think of them as opportunities to innovate new business capabilities.

You are running a serious business and we understand that you have various systems delivering their own little piece of value. Don’t treat your systems as isolated islands. Put their value together and innovate new business capabilities for the world of tomorrow.

Whether you’re launching new integration initiative, optimizing existing implementations or designing conceptual solutions, we will bring 10+ years of technical knowledge, expertise and experience to the table.

Highly skilled in building and managing integration solutions based on IBM, Red Hat and open source platforms, we will help you navigate smoothly through challenges of system integration providing a stable backbone for your everyday business.

Fun fact: the oldest system we have whispered to dates from 1960. The youngest one was built last Thursday.

Need a strategy and platform for your API economy?

You are one of the leading international financial institutions in Europe or USA? Or a telco? Or any other type of business thinking about their B2B and B2C presence? In any of these cases you are most probably looking into ways to build your API economy approach. We will help you elaborate your API strategy, build the API management platform and bring the solution to production-ready state. We will also take care of managing the platform for you, so you can take care of your business.  

Building a sustainable integration backbone

Even if everything has an API, there is still a huge need for integration. Greenfield initiatives such as startups will typically not be dependent on integrating various existing systems. But enterprises across financial, telco, government and similar industries will still need it. APIs will help facilitate integration, and integration platforms are crucial for fast API delivery.  

We have a great understanding and huge experience with various integration technologies. We’ve done very complex integrations for large enterprises in different industries across the world. Whether you are building your new integration solution, or need help with making the existing one sustainable – we will help you.  

Technologies we work with



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