Middleware platforms

When you think of middleware, think of all those moving parts necessary for your business logic to operate in today’s distributed world. Think of container platforms that schedule your containers to work, think of API management platforms that govern access to your APIs, think of BPM platforms that run your processes, integration platforms that orchestrate your service calls, application servers and databases – either SQL or noSQL.

On-premise or somewhere in the cloud, we will help you set those components up as well as fine-tune your existing systems. If you are struggling with inadequate system capacity and below-average response times on your middleware solutions, we will also perform detailed system and middleware analysis and implement viable solutions.

Over the years, our team helped many enterprises design, build and manage their middleware platforms. We are always happy to talk about those experiences, and discuss the ways in which we could help in your middleware efforts.

Take a look at some of our client stories here.

Fine tune the performance of your IBM Integration Bus

Our client is an international optical manufacturing company that was struggling with inadequate system capacity and below average response times on their new integration solution on IBM Integration Bus. CROZ team was brought in, analyzed the system and was able to fix the issue in only a few of days, increasing the capacity of the system ten times.

Put your API economy platform into knowledgeable hands

We work with one of the leading international financial institutions in Europe that uses IBM API Connect. Our task was to help the customer elaborate their API strategy, bring the solution to production-ready state by providing consultancy, setting up and configuring the platform, contributing to environment design and providing managed services. By having deep understanding of specifics of the financial industry in Europe (i.e. the impact of PSD2 directive on how banks do their integrations and expose services to partners) we were able to help the customer build a state-of-the-art backbone for their API Economy.

Kick-start your API management platform

One of the largest German insurance companies wanted to introduce IBM API Connect to the company’s technical division. CROZ team of experts made sure the company quickly and smoothly reached the goal of setting-up and configuring the solution, with key production APIs configured. We also worked with the company’s team to transfer knowledge and build their skills in IBM API Connect.

Adopt IBM DataPower swiftly

The goal of our cooperation with large European insurance company was to get multiple IBM DataPower boxes up and running quickly, with all the key requirements covered and implemented. This goal was accomplished in only a few days after CROZ team ran a couple of workshops and made the team members familiar with the latest updates, best practices and script development. We have been growing in skills and experience with IBM Data Power for almost 10 years, and that helps us in being extremely efficient and quick in establishing even the most complex IBM Data Power setups.

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