System engineering with IBM Rational Jazz CLM platform

We can help you implement IBM Jazz collaboration platform from scratch or to improve existing processes and tool utilization!

During our engagements with various international customers a number of our Rational consultants have worked in projects that involved either implementing IBM Jazz collaborations platform from scratch or improving existing processes and tool utilization.

For the customers that have had IBM Jazz platform in place we quickly realized that there was a lots of misuse of the tool, often implemented by consultants focused more on the tool installation and configuration rather than focusing heavily on adapting the customer processes and approaches.

With the following four key points, we can help customers who are interested in implementing IBM Rational Jazz platform and whose primary focus is system engineering:

IBM Rational Jazz CLM tools & methodologies

Understanding the customer's processes and approaches, and making sure that they are implemented in the Jazz platform correctly.

Mapping and implementation of system and software engineering best practices to CLM toolchain.

Traceability across the toolchain – requirements, design, testing, change management and implementation.

Extending and integrating Jazz platform features regarding customer needs.

Variant management

Variant handling is a relatively new feature of the Jazz platform. Global Configuration (or variants) Management is IBM's response to the ever growing need to support dealing with the reuse of the same artefacts (requirement, tests, design and code) in more than one active product line.

This includes variant traceability, propagation of changes across the variants, enhancing the high-level overview and reporting, while greatly simplifying tools usage.

DOORS Classic to DNG migration

A lot of customers still use IBM DOORS Classic which is showing some signs of age. New features like variant management are not supported and it still uses a separate server.

Our consultants can help you understand the benefits of DNG (Doors Next Generation) and make sure that the migration process goes as smoothly as possible.

Support for agilization and DevOps

We are a proud partner of one of most renowned companies that help customers around the world to adopt Agile and Lean principles– agile42. Our consultants can help you to transform your organization and make sure that the implementation of Agile and DevOps, alongside the Jazz platform, is carried out by certified people that have a vast experience in transforming large organizations.