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          CROZ at Data science monetization 2016 conference


          Data science monetization 2016 is the first international conference that provides a deeper insight into the business application of data science and, most importantly, responds on how to monetize the enormous amount of information that companies collect on a daily basis.

          Conference shall be held on 13 and 14 April 2016 in Zagreb Hypo Centre, and will gather more than 40 international and local experts who will, through practical examples, show to business audience the application of science data in their business.

          Among the experts there are also two from CROZ: Darko Benšić and Hrvoje Šimić. “Rustling and shouting on the network: identifying the sentiment, topics and trends in communication” is the title of Hrvoje’s presentation in which he will reveal why it is important to monitor online communications.

          When we look at today’s BigData market, it can be said that chaos is in charge, and sorting the optimal architecture sometimes looks like a mission impossible. Darko Benšić will show in his presentation how to arrange big data technologies depending on the needs and purpose, and how to define the technology for streaming and batch processing within a sustainable architecture.


          The conference program primarily covers the five business areas: telecommunications, trade, financial industry, health and the pharmaceutical industry, and national security. The first day of the conference is adapted to the business audience, where some concrete examples the participants learn how to use data science for data management and making important business decisions. On the second day the content is designed for professional audiences and people who wish to gain a deeper insight into the methods and tools used in organizations in the field of data science.

          No matter the size or business area, each company owns the data containing the value. The ability to extract that value enables businesses the innovation and competitiveness. How to achieve that, find out exactly at Data science monetization conference!


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