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Solutions – not colors

While traveling home from the IBM Business Partner Advisory Council in Madrid, I caught myself planning to break a promise from my last blog. Originally I planned to write about what I have learned in Madrid, especially in regards to IBM and the future of RedHat.


But when I opened a blank page, I couldn’t force myself to start writing. It took me a while to understand what’s blocking me. I realized I feel that everything has already been said about IBM acquiring RedHat. Numerous blogs, articles, news and of course marketing messaging from both sides already exist.

Do I really have something to add?

Something of value to anybody?

Blue and Red not purple

Since the first news about the acquisition was published, the market started to buzz if this means blue washing Red Hat. Many of our clients postponed making any decisions until they could understand what is going to happen with these two companies.

Is this picture any clearer today? I am not sure, but I can try to offer my personal feeling on how probable “ blue wash” is.

One of the most impressive moments in Madrid was when Werner Knoblich Senior VP EMEA RedHat stepped onto the main stage, and the light in the room changed from blue to red. He said, “You see, it is not purple; we are still red.”

It is evident that the intention is to keep RedHat on its own, as a separate entity, and independent brand. What I liked, even more, was the feeling that the RedHat team who was present at the event, acted as hosts. They were not guests like us business partners.

IBM and RedHat was hosting the event for us, their partners.

It wouldn’t be the first time I missed something or made a wrong prediction, but I would say that at least for 2-3 years we are going to see two companies in the market, working jointly and working hard.

Maybe the most crucial topic in Madrid was IBM presenting its new offering called IBM cloud Paks.

They assured us, successfully, that they are to help clients move to the cloud. Paks are a mash of integrated IBM middleware software components, running on Red Hat OpenShift and Linux. Clients can choose from variety of options, based on their existing infrastructure.

Our CEO Vjekoslav Jadresic on the stage at IBM BPAC sharing our viewpoints on RedHat and IBM

Focus on the journey

Again I can only offer my personal feeling, and I must admit I liked the following message: Companies are traveling to the cloud and paks are here to help them out.

Isn’t it, in fact, always a journey? Once upon a time a journey towards object-oriented languages, a journey to SOA… and now, a journey to become Cloud Native ready.

Every successful journey begins with planning, and we all need to find the path that is right for us. Our starting positions, our means, and our constraints all play a significant part when we need to decide which road to take.

For example if you run your apps on WAS ND and still haven’t moved towards a Kubernetes based architecture, IBM application cloud pak is must-have for you.

Hindsight is 20/20

Do I have a clearer picture of the future after this event? Maybe. I, at least, gained a better understanding of how IBM and RedHat see it. I am sure we will be talking a lot about it at our next conference in Split on 26th of May in Split. Time will tell if my guesses were right or wrong.


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