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          Building Outstanding Businesses That Last.

          CROZ Studio aims to build a market-fit business by leveraging innovative modern technology.



          OUR FOCUS

          We are specialized and dedicated to providing support if you are considering:

            building an innovative service, product, business, or venture,

            carving your strategy, tweaking the processes, and finding the flow in what you do,

            going through any type of change; either organizational or technological, to upgrade your way of working.


          We bring the appropriate way of working and incorporate this mindset together with our excellence in building enterprise-scale digital solutions across various industries. Market fit, innovation, co-creation, focus, and success metrics are key foundations that we instill across your organization while creating something new on suggested modern technology.



          End2end design & delivery with the innovation-oriented team,

           Customer centricity & next level experience verification,

           Market fit verification of service/product/business,

           Product managment skills & product mindset embraced within your community,

            Ability to scale & grow by showcasing sustainability set-up via real added value example.

          FLOW & CHANGE

          Whether you are in a complex enterprise environment or a fast-growing startup, you are most likely in a growth, explore and exploit state of mind with a goal of your business thriving in the digital era. Continuous improvement starts with developing the ability to change constantly as part of your DNA, in every aspect of business; operational, social and your specific.



          Create a sustainable & resilient organization via portfolio management as the first step of identifying capabilities and resources /product/business

          Adjust ways of working to achieve flow through applying organizational and technical patterns

          Put technology in the service of the bussines value by using the right modern technology to accelerate your business

          Fast implementing new ways of working with our expert teams leading by example

          Implementing necessary skills & capabilities as an additional benefit of working together in related organization and relationship or technology areas.


          studio ambassadors
          studio ambassadors
          studio ambassadors

          Luka Gauta
          Head of Product Management


          Ivan Krnić
          Director of Engineering


          Davor Čengija
          Head of Service and
          Product Innovation

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          Develop untapped potential and shift to the left as much as possible and let’s observe the process from different perspectives in order to develop untapped potential. Whether is creating something new or going through a change. Or all together in constant sync. Make the best of this journey so it really pays off.



          To cherish the values continuously internally we bring the product mindset to our new hires from day one through our Summer Accelerator program, creating the right basis and working together on the importance of innovation, problem-solving, and creative thinking.



                 > 400 student applications per year

                 > 50 participants

                 > 70 mentors’ support via 3-month program

                 > 5 new product MVPs per year

                 > Interesting business & technology challenges




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