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          agile coaching

          Certified Scrum Product Owner Training

          DURATION 2 or 3 Days
          This course is an intense introduction to Agile Product Management, requirements definition and the Scrum framework.


          Our Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training class is a learning experience that provides students a full immersion into what it takes to be a great Product Owner. You will learn the theory of the Scrum Framework and then we work through tools to enable great Product Ownership.


          The class is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format with elements of lecture, classroom discussion, exercises, games and simulations, smoothly blended throughout the class. We will approach the class at a sustainable pace and endeavour to take breaks often, to allow our brain to stay focused and our body to recharge when necessary.


          Upon completion of the class, students will receive their Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certification and badges from the Scrum Alliance.


          “The training reinforced for me the paradigm shift from the waterfall approach in a monolithic organization to Agile’s concept of servant leadership. Yes, I’m leading the team, but I’m here to enable your success.” – Michael M.


          There is no pre-requisite for attending this class.

          Target audience

          The Certified Scrum Product Owner course is appropriate for aspiring Product Owners, business analysts, managers, project managers, and organizational team leaders seeking a deeper understanding of the Product Owner role, and how to improve Product Ownership in their organizations.

          Training topics

          • Scrum in a Nutshell
          • Understanding the role of the Product Owner
          • Techniques for building a compelling product vision
          • Expressing the Product Goal using Opportunity Canvas
          • Models and techniques for prioritizing product features
          • Practical methods to understand your key customer segments
          • User Story Mapping: creating a shared understanding of customer needs
          • User Stories: eliciting and clearly defining stakeholder needs
          • Effective ways to create and refine a Product Backlog
          • How Product Ownership works with multiple teams

          Included in the training

          • Product Owner Certification
          • Certificate + two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance
          • Slack channel to continue collaborating with your classmates after the class and access trainers to ask questions
          • Link to the Do Better Scrum booklet
          • Option to join the agile42 Community and get access to a number of free learning resources, like books, articles and videos
          • Life-long warranty on the course: e-mail access to the trainers

          Remote training

          • We will use Zoom as a video conferencing platform.
          • We will use Slack as an additional messaging channel.
          • We will use Miro as an online whiteboard for digital collaboration.

          Why agile42?

          • Experience: Over the years, agile42 has delivered Scrum & Agile training to thousands of professionals worldwide. Our instructors have decades of experience using and coaching Scrum in hundreds of organizations large and small.
          • Excellent ratings: We consistently receive excellent ratings from our participants.
          • Techniques: In all of our classes, we use techniques from Accelerated Learning and in particular principles and concepts from Training from the Back of the Room
          • Engaging: Our courses are highly interactive and fun – not a PowerPoint assault, and our participants stay engaged throughout the class, learn by doing, and have fun along the way. When learners talk and teach, they learn. -Sharon Bowman
          • Practical and Memorable: Participants learn through hands-on exercises – creating high knowledge retention.
          • Sustainable: We are contributing to a greener planet by decreasing our carbon footprint by not having people travel to the venue, and less paper usage in terms of flipcharts and post-it notes.

          *Description of the course is taken from agile42.


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          Nino Zeljko and Petri Heiramo


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