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          agile coaching

          Certified Scrum Product Owner Training

          DURATION 2 or 3 Days
          Not only will the course enable you to understand the product owner role in depth, it will also enable you to learn the practices necessary to succeed as a product owner.

          Product Owner is a business leader responsible for the product the Scrum Team works with. They are responsible for understanding what the product is all about, who the users are, what is valuable to them and why, and what is important to us as a company. They balance the stakeholder interests and express their best understanding in the form of a Product Backlog. What needs to be done? What is the priority of those items? In the case of conflicting interests or concerns, the Product Owner is where the buck stops.


          On this Certified Scrum Product Owner course, you will clarify your understanding of the Product Owner’s way of thinking, and learn how to use Agile and Scrum to your product’s advantage. You will learn some ways in which you could develop your Product Backlog, and to prioritise it in collaboration with your stakeholders and your Development Team. We will talk about how to assess value and how to use it in your prioritisation.


          We will use Scrum techniques to run our training. This will demonstrate the Product Backlog, Product Backlog Refinement and prioritisation, Sprint Planning, and Sprint Reviews in practice (even if a little simplified compared to real life). As a participant, you will contribute to the Course Backlog, and help prioritise the backlog items so that we deliver as much value as we can during the course.


          The course will use a lot of interactive elements and exercises. You will need to use your brains, and challenge yourself; not listen passively.


          You will get a copy of all the materials used and presented on the course. You will get a PDF of the slides drawn during the shared conversations. After the course, once you complete all tasks you will receive your CSPO certification by Scrum Alliance.


          Before the course, you are expected to complete some pre-assignments (roughly 1h of work) to introduce foundational information and prepare you to the course content. If you have not completed a CSM or otherwise developed an equivalent level of Scrum knowledge, it is recommended that you also do some foundational Scrum learning modules (~1h to complete).


          CSPO Agenda

          The agenda for the course is roughly this:

          Day 1:
          – Business Value Game
          – Why Agile for PO’s?
          – Scrum Overview

          Day 2: 
          – User Stories
          – Analyzing the Backlog Collaboratively
          – Initial Release Plan
          – Q&A / Elective Topics

          The agenda will be adjusted based on refinement done during the course with participants.

          PDUs and Scrum Alliance SEUs (toward CSP certification): 14



          May 31st – June 1st, 2023 (9:00 – 17:00)

          In person


          Zagreb, Lastovska 23

          Nino Zeljko and Petri Heiramo



          October 23-25, 2023 (10:00-15:30)


          Nino Zeljko and Miljan Milan Bajić


          In order to apply for the course, please contact us at or


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