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          Meet the crafters

          We are a team of experts with great passion for finding craft in what we do. This means we do it carefully, putting in all of our knowledge and experience. We like dealing with complexity. So, we only take what's challenging and purposeful. We are determined to stay on top with ever-changing technology trends, always learning and improving our skills.

          Gain an advantage

          With every complex challenge we solve, we gain more power. That makes us a more reliable partner when meeting healthy challenges you put in front of us. In other words, let us deal with your technical and organizational challenges, so you can focus on your business.


          Wherein lies our craft

          People, not just technology

          As much as we love and live technology, CROZ would not be what it is today without the people that make it. We are more than a sum of parts - colleagues, mentors, friends, even family. Your project can use more than 300 talented and motivated software engineers, architects, consultants and coaches, testers, analysts and infrastructure experts. We can solve every conundrum, however huge and complicated. It just makes it more fun. And it makes it a great opportunity for us to show how trustworthy and loyal partner we are. 

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          Bring innovative ideas, take an active part, be open to learning and flexible about your duties. We like that kind of stuff.
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          Here at CROZ, we believe no company is an island. We have decided to support the development of young and agile companies and help them to grow. Building a healthy ecosystem is another way of being good citizen of this planet. For this reason, we have launched the CROZ Partner program where we help young companies to grow. CROZ Partner program give advice for organizational growth to companies, help them to get the most of their talents and provides seniority and quality assurance when needed. Now and again, we hire them to work with us because it proved to be the best way to teach. Being a CROZ Partner means technical excellence while being 100% committed to customer success. Moreover, it means trust!


          We partner with distinguished technology companies, software vendors and service providers, to deliver the best services to our clients. Meet our partners!

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