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Our brand strategy embodies our ethos. We witnessed time and time again that technology can give a business an edge by adding value that’s extraordinary and captivating. This is what we live and breathe. This has been our mindset all along. Now, our brand communication must reflect and inspire it, while aligning everyone involved in achieving this.

Primary logo negative and positive

Primary Logo

The integral part of the visual identity is the logo and the ‘O’ logomark, formed by typography and color. This fundamental graphic element must be systematically implemented according to the specified standards from the manual while providing future authors with more creative freedom for other means of communication.
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Logo Variations

These variations cater to different use cases while preserving the core elements and recognizability of our brand.
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CROZ Logo variations

CROZ Logomark variation


The logomark is a fundamental part of the croz visual identity used in all significant promotional materials. The sign can be used in a monochromatic version – black or white, or in one of the four basic croz colors (cyan, blue, yellow or green).
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CROZ Typography



We use Montserrat ExtraBold and Medium. Additionally, we have a custom CROZ font for our special ‘O’ letters.


Typography extrabold Montserrat

‘Montserrat’ ExtraBold & Medium

The ‘Montserrat’ typography constitutes one of the basic characteristics of the croz visual identity, recommending it’s use in all communication channels. In the identity, it is permitted to use two styles of Montserrat typography – ExtraBold and Medium.
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The Custom Croz font includes 8 different letters ‘O’ that alternate using numbers on the keyboard from 1 to 8, making the font usage maximally adapted for easy handling. It can be used only in main headlines when combined with Montserrat ExtraBold typography, which is written in Caps Lock (uppercase is not allowed in this case). The font sizes must always be the same if both typographies are used in the same word/sentence.
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Croooooooooz Typography


CROZ Colors



We use four primary colors. In addition, we incorporate three achromatic colors.

CROZ Color Chromatic

Chromatic Colors

Chromatic colors are vibrant and saturated hues that bring energy and distinctiveness to our brand.

Achromatic Colors

Achromatic colors, including black, white, and grey, are neutral tones that provide balance and support to our chromatic palette. They are essential for creating contrast and maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Color Achromatic

Allowed logo color combinations

Allowed Logo Color

The allowed logo color combinations ensure brand consistency and adaptability. Use the chromatic and achromatic colors as shown in the image. Each combination is designed for optimal contrast and visual impact. Always refer to these guidelines for consistent application.

Disallowed Logo Color

Avoid clashing colors and ensure readability. Never use the logo with the color combinations shown in the image. These combinations fail to maintain proper contrast and brand consistency. Always follow the allowed combinations for optimal brand representation.

Disallowed logo color combinations