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          Modern Data Governance, Data Catalog, and Data Contract

          DURATION 2 Days
          Introduction to Modern Data Governance, Data Catalog, and Data Contract.


          This education consists of two modules. The first module is a full-day education providing an overview of Data Governance core concepts, such as ownership and stewardship processes, how to establish a Data Governance office with virtual and/or physical roles, what are the mandatory parts of a metadata management framework, and how to set up a data quality process. The second module focuses on the operational side of Data Governance, i.e., it explains how and in what way to implement Data governance policies, standards, and processes in the current data integration platform. More specifically, on the second day/module, it will be shown how to decide which data Catalog to implement and how to integrate Data Contract into a data Catalog based on knowledge graph concepts.


          Target audience

          The course is intended for business and technical teams that need an introduction and a structured overview of Data Governance practices. The roles for which it is intended are: Business stakeholders, Architects, data engineers, and business and data analysts.



          The prerequisite for this course is that the participants are familiar with the concepts and architectures of data management.



          Day 1 – Introduction to Data Governance

          In the beginning, we introduce key Data Governance concepts and initiatives.

          • What is and why is data governance important in every data-driven organization
          • Introduction to Data Governance Office and key Chief Data Governance role
          • How to define data ownership and stewardship process
          • Introduction to Metadata Management and what are the key components of Metadata Management Framework
          • Data Quality management and how to define initial data quality measures
          • Data Warehouse & Data Lake
          • Master Data Management


          Day 2 – Data Contract and Data Catalog

          From a technical implementation standpoint, building a Data Governance program with Data Catalog is the most critical part. Data Catalog is the heart of metadata management where all business and technical aspects are stored (persisted) in one unified view in a single repository. On the second day, all participants will be able to learn how to build a Data Catalog properly with a good assessment.

          • What is Data Catalog
          • How to effectively implement Data Lineage for business and technical stakeholders
          • Why and how to implement a business glossary
          • Why and how to properly classify data using classification or tags
          • How to implement Data Privacy policy and standards
          • What is Data Contract and how is it effectively stored in Data Catalog
          • How to correctly assess and choose the best tool for a Data Catalog


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