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          CROZ agile coaching CROZ agile coaching
          UX integration

          Maximizing (Digital Product) Success through UX Integration

          DURATION 2 Days

          Course Overview

          This course is designed to underscore the vital role of User Experience (UX) Design within the Digital Product lifecycle, specifically tailored for Product managers, Product Owners and Business analysts. It focuses on the substantial benefits of integrating UX Design practices consistently in software projects.

          Day 1: Discovering the Value of UX in Digital Product Development

          · The Business Case for UX: An exploration of case studies and statistics demonstrating how UX design significantly enhances business metrics.
          · User Satisfaction and Retention: An analysis of how UX directly impacts user satisfaction, retention, and loyalty, including reviews of application impacts on brand perception.
          · Cost-Effectiveness of UX: Insights into the cost-saving aspects of incorporating UX from the beginning of the development process, including user testing, interviews, usability testing, and the use of web analytics and A/B testing. · How should a life cycle look like? Challenges in UX Implementation: Examination of typical challenges and misapplications of UX principles in projects.

          Day 2: Implementing UX Principles in Your Workflow

          · Practical UX Proces: An overview of key UX methods, processes and how they integrate into the Digital Product development cycle.

          · Team-Based Scenarios: Interactive exercises, including discussions with team members, to simulate the integration of UX strategies in ongoing projects.

          · Creating a UX-Driven Culture: Strategies for developing a workplace culture that values user feedback and continuous UX enhancement.

          · Potential UX Implementation Issues: A look at possible pitfalls in UX implementation and strategies to avoid them.

          Target Audience

          Project/Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Team Leads

          Techniques Used:

          · Data-Driven UX Decision Making
          · User Research Techniques
          · Usability Testing Fundamentals
          · Design Thinking and Problem Solving

          Course Goals

          Participants, particularly those in leadership and analytical roles, will gain a deep understanding of the critical importance of UX in Digital Product development. They will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to champion UX integration in their projects, along with foundational skills for applying UX principles and techniques effectively in their workflows.


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