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          agile coaching

          The introduction to Apache Spark

          DURATION 2 Days


          Apache Spark is a framework for fast processing a large amount of data. It is extremely useful for system architects, development engineers and business analysts, due to the ability to use it for any kind of data processing in any kind of environment.

          Apache Spark is a very popular system, often used for advanced analytics, data science, modern BigData architecture, as well as for the complex batch (ETL) processing and for processing in real time.


          Spark contains a few key components such as: Spark SQL for data structuring, Spark Streaming for processing a large amount of data in real time, Spark MLib for machine learning, Spark GraphX for graph processing and SparkR for statistic data processing using R language.


          Spark can be started by itself, on a YARN (Hadoop) cluster or in a Mesos environment, so it can start in any environment. Spark is a polyglot framework, which means that it abstracts its usage to the maximum, and it imposes using a programme language (Python, Java, Scala, R), to the development environment, which fits the organization or the business type the best. All the examples in this education will be primarily processed in Python, but other programme languages, e.g. Scala, will also be used. The exercise will be done in the independent and cluster environment, depending on the assignment the participants will be working on.


          Target audience

          • System architects
          • Development engineers
          • Business analysts.



          • Basic knowledge of the Python
          • Knowledge of OO programming
          • Advanced knowledge of the SQL language



          The participants will get a brief introduction to Spark at the course, as well as the basic explanation of how Spark functions, and will, through interactive examples, go through an advanced analytics assignment and work on the target DataSet from the big data set download to the final visualization.


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