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          IBM CLM – what’s new and why should you care?


          Rational Jazz CLM (Collaborative Lifecycle Management) platform has gained lots of new features during last few iterations and has proven that is evolving rapidly. Platform consisting of requirements (DNG), planning and source code handing (RTC), design (DM), and quality management (RQM) tools provides out of the box solution for managing lifecycle projects as well as ability to adapt to customer needs. With every new version the support for traceability expands further and tools within the platform integrate even more.

          Added in the latest version, Global Configuration Management finally gives users the ability to handle different variants of the product, reducing the need to create boilerplate documents for each variant separately and reduces the amount of time necessary to maintain them.

          Recently integrated Jazz Reporting Service (JRS) enhances reporting experience by simplifying how reports are generated with step by step guide, or alternatively, by writing direct SQL queries to the database.

          To track changes on the lowest level and making sure everybody is aware of potential risk when a change in occurs in one of the artifacts (be it a requirement, a work item or a test case) Link Validity feature flags related artifacts, thus calling to attention that possibly some action is required from involved team members.

          To fully support DevOps, CLM can be integrated with UrbanCode and allow transparent tracking for every change from design and requirements to development and testing. Whether you organization is working in traditional or agile manner Jazz CLM with UrbanCode has the tools you need to make the transition from risky manual deployment to building fully automated deployment pipeline.


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