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          Quality and Information security policy


          Our mission is to provide superb and professional IT solutions to enterprise customers by ensuring IT service whose level of quality surpasses customer demands. We do this by maintaining and growing a sustainable “ecosystem” of very capable, constantly growing and accomplished employees, along with satisfied enterprise customers who keep coming back to us.


          Our vision is to become the first option for every complex organization who wants to have a superb IT solution. We want to be recognized as a reliable partner who promptly solves challenges in integration, modernization, team organization and in development of new systems.


          With the help of young, innovative and educated experts, new technologies, team work and continuous education and specialization we strive towards the achievement of our mission.

          Quality and Information security policy

          Focus on customer needs, their satisfaction with the work performed and satisfaction of our employees present the highest values according to which CROZ d.o.o. measures and sets its overall efficiency. Due to necessity of fast knowledge acquisition and constant changes in the IT world, we pay special attention to education, adaptation of business processes, improving knowledge transfer and communication with our customers as well as among our own employees. Apart from a series of our own education services, preset catalogue courses, customized workshops, consulting on national and international projects, orderly project management and implementation monitoring, our permanent goal is to simplify business processes and increase efficiency and to improve the flexibility of the organization regarding business requirements of our customers. In line with our fundamental values such as expertise and innovation, as well as dedication and team spirit, our goal is to cultivate the principles of agile project management through our projects and to create an organization that teaches and supports the culture of the organization. We are obliged to apply and continuously improve the efficiency of our quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 requirements.



          We are committed to ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of all our processes and activities, all in accordance with regulatory, professional and other internal and external issues.


          Attaining goals set by this policy is our constant mission.


          Vjekoslav Jadrešić



          Date: 18 March 2016.


          This quality policy is applied to the implemented and certified quality management system for the business of CROZ’s office in Zagreb.

          Information security policy

          Information security is strategically important to CROZ d.o.o. and its products and services provided to the users. CROZ is a company focused on services in the financial and public sectors as well as other major IT systems. As the basic prerequisite for the realization of our services is the security of work and information we encounter during the work, and as most of the business processes rely on the application of information and communication technology, it is necessary to establish an information security management system. The information security policy is the starting point for this system.


          The information security management system in CROZ is based on ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and ISO / IEC 27002: 2013 standards. The importance of this system is of crucial interest for CROZ, because we want to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability of our information and thus business. Through the features of our information security management system, we guarantee the continuity of our work, reduce our and customer’s business risks, and protect the security of our services.