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          CROZ agile coaching agile coaching
          Business and Data Analysis

          Mastering Data Dashboards: From Insights to Impact

          DURATION 2 Days


          The Dashboard Design course provides participants with the essential knowledge and skills to create effective dashboards. Covering the fundamentals of data visualization, participants learn about design principles, chart selection, and the psychology of information retrieval. The course explores the differences between reports and dashboards, highlights dashboards as communication tools, and delves into the process of designing and preparing data for dashboards.


          Participants also gain insights into various types of dashboards and study best practices through examples of both poorly and well-designed dashboards. Throughout the course, there will be hands-on exercises for active participation and practical learning. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to create impactful dashboards that effectively communicate data-driven insights.


          Target audience

          • Data Analysts
          • Business Intelligence Professionals
          • Data Scientists
          • Business Managers
          • Marketers and Sales Professionals
          • Project Managers
          • Researchers and Academics
          • Anyone interested in improving their dashboard design skills for better data communication and decision-making.



          • Fundamental Data Analysis Concepts
          • Basic Excel Skills
          • Basic Knowledge of Data Visualization Tools (Tableau, Microsoft Power BI…)
          • Completed the data visualizationcourse (preferable, but not mandatory)



              • Module 1: Fundamentals of Data Visualization
                • Introduction to data visualization principles
                • Understanding the psychology of information retrieval
                • Design principles for effective visualization elements
                • Selecting the right charts for data representation
              • Module 2: Introduction to Dashboards
                • Differentiating between reports and dashboards
                • Identifying the ideal scenarios for dashboard creation
                • Exploring dashboards as powerful communication tools
              • Module 3: Dashboard Design Guidelines
                • Defining the target audience and their goals
                • Designing an intuitive and user-friendly layout
                • Data preparation for dashboard implementation
              • Module 4: Types of Dashboards by Use Cases
                • Overview of various types of dashboards (e.g., operational, strategic, analytical)
                • Understanding the specific use cases for each dashboard type
                • Tailoring dashboards to meet different business objectives
              • Module 5: Best Practices in Dashboard Design
                • Analysing examples of poorly designed dashboards and common mistakes to avoid
                • Studying well-designed dashboards and effective visualization techniques
                • Incorporating best practices for creating impactful and engaging dashboards


          For all inquiries regarding education, please contact us at


          For all inquiries regarding education, please contact us at or apply online.

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