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          agile coaching

          Data visualization

          DURATION 1 Day
          This course will focus on the application of data visualization, methods and best practices of data visualization. The course consists of presentation, demonstration and practical tasks for participants.

          The goal of this course is to educate participants about basic steps in data visualization. Because of the way how the human brain processes the information, the best impact and memorability of the information is achieved by using visual objects, instead of using exhausting reports, or extremely large tables.

          Data visualization means usage of visual objects, like tables and charts, so that they can carry out the messages to the final users in a simple, clear and correct shape. The course will cover application, methods and the best practices for data visualization.


          Recommended audience

          • IT managers
          • Directors
          • Analysts (both business and technical analysts)
          • Everyone whose job is to present data and is important to tell a story by using appropriate visualizations
          • Everyone who would like to introduce creativity in their work and at the same time improve the effectiveness of their reports, conclusions and messages

          Goals of the course

          • To introduce the participants with the advantages of data visualization and how does the audience visually perceives the information
          • To introduce the participants with available tools/techniques for data visualization
          • To educate the participants how to emphasize the message by choosing the correct type of visualization for the specific type of data
          • To introduce the participants with the most common mistakes in the design of the visualizations and give participants the guidelines for the design of more effective visualizations.

          Course description

          The main parts of the course are:

          • Introduction in the data visualization – what is data visualization; current status and challenges; visual perception of the information; business value of visualizations
          • Ways for data visualization – techniques and methods for data visualization; table and chart design
          • Application of data visualization – when is the best time to use the data visualization; steps in the process of the virtual design – how to find a story in the data
          • The best practices – how to use the visual language of the organization; most common mistakes and the best practices in visualization design
          • Tools for data visualization – the overview of the available tools for data visualization; workshop – making tables and charts by applying what was learned

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