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Managed services

Don't wait for a problem to appear, prevent it with our help!

Complex integration

We will create new solutions by taking the advantages of your existing IT investments.

IBM Software Specialist

CROZ as the leading regional IBM partner possesses expertise, knowledge, and experience to implement a wide range of IBM solutions.

Business analytics

The data is a very powerful tool, and the way you use it has a major influence on the business success of your organization.


Great performance, reliability and security are the benefits of IBM mainframe technology.


IBM API Management


One of the new trends in system architecture is the API implementation. Having your own API today is the same as having your own web page was in the 90s. That is a suitable analogy, which says a lot about the increasing importance of API as the architecture of the future.

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Road to business agility event held in Slovenia


At the „Road to business agility“ event, held last week in Ljubljana, our agile coaches revealed to the participants all the advantages which the agile approach brings to the organization (regardless of whether it is a start-up or an enterprise company) through a series of short lectures, practices and at the end, in a coach clinic.

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Advanced threat protection


Timely and correct approach for protection of the IT system should be a business foundation for every organization. Frivolous approach in understanding this field could have grave consequences, and you definitely want to avoid feeling them on your own skin.

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