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Harmony at QED 2017

Harmony and everything connected to the harmony in the modern system architecture will be covered by the best experts at QED 2017.

Managed services

Don't wait for a problem to appear, prevent it with our help!

Complex integration

We will create new solutions by taking the advantages of your existing IT investments.

IBM Software Specialist

CROZ as the leading regional IBM partner possesses expertise, knowledge, and experience to implement a wide range of IBM solutions.


Great performance, reliability and security are the benefits of IBM mainframe technology.


Doing business with your head in the clouds


Imagine no possession, I wonder if you can?" John Lennon wondered before exactly 45 years. Many have mistaken he was referring to cars, homes and jewelry. Only true fans know that he meant the IT infrastructure. Can organizations in the 21st century survive without ownership of iron and software?

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