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          Stay ahead of the competition

          In an era of rapid technological advancements and evolving business practices, continuous learning and professional development have become essential for staying ahead of the competition. Whether it’s upskilling in a professional career, fostering innovation, or enhancing organisational capabilities, our training and bootcamp offer a valuable opportunity to gain new expertise or refine and upgrade existing ones.

          CROZ design facilitators in action

          We truly believe in the benefits of getting together and sharing experiences, broadening the Product community, and raising awareness of the Human-Centric approach. Experts from CROZ bring innovation, creativity, and collaboration to the forefront, driving impactful design sessions that transform ideas into reality.

          Our interactive and dynamic approach will not only give You a glimpse of the Product Discovery Process but enable You to use proven techniques within Your organisation.

          Question is not should I join, but when

          We know a lot of Trainings and Bootcamps can end up being too fluffy or without any concrete knowledge gathered once they’re done. Since we are not fans of those types of Training either, we created the ones that will teach You techniques and methods we are using for building Market-Fit Products for our clients.

          Some of the techniques You will learn are Value Proposition Canvas, Empathy Mapping, User Story Mapping, Jobs To Be Done and Business Model Canvas.

          Check out the Trainings and Bootcamp that are available now in CROZ Educational Centre:

          Anyone who is working as a part of the Product development team, or wider, is welcome!

          • Yes, Developers, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Business experts, Data scientist, Marketing, Project Managers… literally everyone.
          • No, previous knowledge is not needed. We want to make possible for everyone to embrace new skills and broaden their knowledge.


          Upskill Your knowledge now!

          Learning how to use proven methodology is not that far away anymore.

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