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EmformX Meets Fintech Compliance

CROZ's adept guidance in compliance and risk management enabled EmformX's smooth entry into a major financial marketplace.


CROZ expertly guided EmformX, a financial software company, through the complex compliance and onboarding process for a major financial marketplace. Their support was pivotal in navigating IT risk compliance, optimizing questionnaire responses, and providing strategic evidence, facilitating a successful platform integration.



We supported the client with our knowledge of compliance questionnaire reviews to smoothly onboard their cloud software on market leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution marketplaces for financial institutions.

”CROZ showed expertise in compliance questionnaire reviews while their support and knowledge were invaluable, ensuring seamless and successful integration. I recommend the CROZ team as an exceptional partner for any business needs – reliable, fast and experienced.”

-Margo Karp, CEO, Founder

EmformX is an emerging bank and enterprise software company with an street tested treasury hub and client advisory platform, which combines transparent product analysis with real-time market data and cloud technology.



Fast-Track to Fintech? Not without IT Risk Compliance. The company’s CEO had directly contacted us and asked for support, as one of the biggest marketplaces for financial institutions confirmed the onboarding request of the company. Therefore, the company had to fulfill stringent IT risk compliance expectations and requirements.

After a short introduction, a Kick-off meeting, and insights into the company’s documentation it was clear to us that this advanced Treasury Hub application can be offered on the marketplace soon. In the beginning, we analyzed the marketplace’s questionnaire for integrated dependencies between single questions to completely understand how the validation mechanisms work and to identify the most important requirements of the marketplace.

After reviewing the company’s documentation and aligning with the company’s management, we could focus our consulting services on the most critical questions. With our expertise in audits and compliance questionnaires, we successfully specified the company’s answers. Furthermore, we also reviewed and recommended precise and adequate evidence to be delivered in the first run to prevent unnecessary, time-consuming inquiries by the marketplace and to avoid opening up possible side issues caused by misinterpreted information overload.

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